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Tour & Travel Services 

My Travo Tours Solution is a established travel company with its Head Office in Mumbai.Though young in inception it is manned by professionals who are having an experience of over 35 years in this industry. We are a group of professionals who specialize in organizing Excursion Tours, Incentive Tours, Holidays, Honeymoon and Conferences etc with dedication, top quality services and personal involvement in every tour. It is our sincere Endeavour to create best and unforgettable moments for our customers. We value our clients and realize that each client is unique. We keep in mind your convenience, preferences, interests and time constraints. We create itineraries which are tailor made to best suit your needs . We are adaptable to changes, both temporary and permanent and this has helped us in adopting a dynamic existence, wherein “ the Present” is our Endeavour , and “the Future” is our Vision .

IT Solutions 

My Travo IT Solution is one of the competent  solution providers in the field of windows & web application development based on the .net, and other platforms. Our team of highly skilled and qualified professionals have hands on experience on ASP.NET 3.5, 4.0, C#, VB.NET, PHP and similar such technologies supported by the .net and open source platform. Our expertise is in converting business models to effective long-lasting business software solutions.

Legal Solutions 

My Travo Legal Solution

We are a strategic legal services and legal consulting company. We utilize a highly experienced team of partners to provide legal guidance for businesses and individuals

Finance Solutions

My Travo Finance Solution Firm engaged in offering highly accurate Company Incorporation Services, Taxation Services, Accountant Consultancy Services, Company Registration, Trademark Registration , Service Tax Registration , and Income Tax Consultancy Services to our corporate as well as commercial clients. Our offered services are widely acknowledged among the market for their promptness, professional ethics and quality. We pay acute attention on each project undertaken to optimally satisfy the specific requirements of our clients within stipulated time frame. In addition, we offer Financial Services, Indirect Tax (Service Tax, Sale Tax/Vat, UP Vat), Direct Taxes (Income Tax, TDS), Accounting & Auditing, Company Law, and Company Registration

HR Solutions 

My Travo HR Solution was established with a vision to provide world class workforce solutions to organizations and individuals alike. HR India is a one stop shop for providing entire gamut of high impact HR Solutions to organizations and candidates seeking growth, performance & satisfaction.we are also provide HR document Solution, Company Logo design Solution.

Education Solution (MTISE)

My Travo Institute of Specialised Education ("MTISE" and the "Institute") consolidates and offers programs for Educators. 

It is extremely encouraging to see the growing diversity of students in today's classrooms.  The diversity arises from social, physical, intellectual, psychological, emotional and creative interests among many other factors. 

Such diversity contributes to individual learning abilities of each child.  Recognizing and understanding each child has now become critical for educators in developing each child to their maximum potential and succeed in a global marketplace.  This is no easy task and today's teacher is expected to deal with all understanding levels and learning styles with competence.

At MTISE ( My Travo Institute of Specialised Education)   , our goal is to maximize the potential of each student by providing ongoing educational enhancement for educators. Educators who enroll in ISE's programs are committed to the success of their students. ISE's student-educators advance their knowledge of process of learning and learn professional development strategies for diverse students.

MTISE's programs for educators are designed to provide educators the knowledge and tools to map the learning abilities of each student and improve the quality of teaching instructions. Once educators understand their students, MTISE's program proceed to provide streamlined instruction delivery tools and methodologies for educators.  These tools are based on decades of research, development and testing from our staff and affiliates in the USA and Europe. Together with the map of learning abilities and the tools, ISE's program graduates can dramatically enhance the learning capacity and performance of every student.  This is MTISE's core competence, commitment and contribution to education.

 MTISE's staff, content developers and affiliates originate in the USA, Europe and India. Our staff members are at the forefront of research, development and implementation of the highly advanced and specialized skills offered in our curricula.

As a student member of MTISE you can expect the following:

1. You will be a part of a professional and globally recognized institution

2. You will learn the skills to correctly analyze the students' intellectual, psychological and tenacity abilities

3. You will learn the skills to map your teaching goals to the students abilities and needs

4. You will learn specialized methods to engage your students and create a positive feedback process of learning

5. You will experience and be ready to use specialized tools to raise each students performance by a significant margin that will amaze you, the school's board and the parents.

6. You will be part of select community of teachers that will effectively and efficiently contribute to graduating children who will be better prepared for leadership and stewardship of the success of a global society.

7. Last but not the least, you will be recognized as a resource person for your fellow teachers and schools of National and International repute 

Each MTISE program and its associated curriculum is taught with great care toward your own learning and you must be prepared to participate with tenacity of purpose to excel.

It has been my personal belief and experience that the students who can maximize their potential become leaders of the next generation.  I personally entered the field of child development with this passion, focused my education on this belief.  Over the last 4 decades I have partnered and associated with colleagues who have believed the same  and have contributed to the development of next generation of child development research and tools that are now being widely used in the USA and EU.

Should you join our distance learning offerings, it goes without saying that you’ll receive the same high quality level of education as students on campus. You’ll learn from the same world-class faculty.

We look forward to hearing from you and in addressing any questions you may have regarding our programs.  To those educators who are already in our community we look forward to your success and helping you leverage our network of resources and alumni.



Founder and CEO, MTISE (Powered By-My Travo Solution Pvt Ltd)